Thursday, June 3, 2010


For Consignors:

1. Clean Out Your Closets and Start Labeling!
The benefits are two-fold. First, you’ll get some extra closet space. Second, you’ll get the added benefits of early shopping at most sales. And that means you’ll get your hands on the best items before the crowds!

2. Presentation is Everything:
Break out the iron and press all of your clothes and some toys, if necessary. It’ll hide a bit of the pilling as well.

3. The Price is Right:
Most people agree that the best pricing strategy is about one-third of what you paid retail for an item.

4. Add Notes on Sizing:
If something fits like a twelve-month item, but is labeled eighteen months, make a note and make sure it is placed in the twelve month area. Items often get left hanging because they look too big/small in their sections.

5. Read Your Consigning Instructions Twice:
Every sale is a bit different so don’t miss the opportunity to sell because you didn’t follow directions!

For Shoppers:

6. Consider Volunteering:
If you can’t part with your clothes and toys just yet, volunteer with your favorite sale. You’ll get in early and get the best finds!

7. Man Your Troops:
Let’s face it, shopping in packs is much more fun! You might need a second opinion on whether that $2 green dress is really cute or just really cheap! Plus, with so many sales in the area, you’ll never make it to all of them… but your friends just might! Spread the word on items you are looking for and help a friend in return.

(Taken from a post of "Divine Caroline's Blog)