What sets you apart from other consignment sales in the area?

We are Baton Rouge's MOST EXCLUSIVE Boutique Consignment Sale. Our sale is the ONLY one limited to boutique brand clothing and accessories. We sell ONLY boutique brands in the best condition. If you have ever been to other consignment sales, you know that you have to dig through lots clothes to find the best. Well, you don't have to do any digging with us. They are ALL the BEST! We also have several vendors with child and family related businesses that rent space during the sale. 

Do you accept and sell SMOCKED clothing ONLY?

No, we accept any children's BOUTIQUE BRANDS. Some examples are appliqued clothing, trunk show lines, fine handmade clothing brands. Please contact us if you are not sure about a brand.

What sizes do you carry?
We carry sizes newborn to TWEEN/TEEN for boys and girls. 
(Specializing in GIRLS TWEEN/TEEN "dance" dresses).

How can I shop?
Anyone can pay $5 at the door to attend the pre-sale on Thursday 4pm-8pm. If you are a consignor and/or volunteer~You will receive a pass to shop the VIP Pre-Sale before anyone else! It is exclusive to our volunteers and consignors only. Anyone can shop on the Friday and Saturday. Check the Next Sale Tab for upcoming sale details. If you would like to volunteer, you can register under our  Volunteer Tab.

How do I sign up to sell my child's boutique clothing & accessories and what do consignors earn when selling with BRSM?
You must consign at least TEN items to be a consignor. You can go to our Sell & Volunteer Tab to see the details. If you consign AND volunteer you will earn 70%. If you Consign ONLY, you will earn 60%. Please read the SELLER AGREEMENT before you register.

Do you price the items?
No, each consignor is responsible for pricing their own items. You MUST read the tagging instructions on the Sell & Volunteer tab. If you have any questions after that, let us know!

What does the red dot mean on the right corner of the tag?
It means that on Saturday, the last day of our sale, that item will be 20% OFF! So, if you have your eye on that special outfit and it has a red dot, come back for our 20% OFF SALE. Although, you do run the risk of it not being there when you come back. Only marked items will be 20% OFF on the sale day.

When and where do I bring my clothes for the sale?
You will hold your items until the drop-off day designated for each sale. It is usually the Thursday morning of the pre-sale. When you register, you will be given more information. 

What else do I need to do besides tag my items and drop them off?
As a consignor, you want your items to sell. So, the more people you tell about the sale, the more people will come shop! Send e-mails to your contact list and spread the word on facebook, twitter, etc. and ask them to pass it on to friends also! Without you, we could not do what we do! You will also need to bring the signed seller agreement with your items and leave a labeled tub/basket with your seller name and number on it. Thanks!

What if I do not want to enter or tag my items but I want to sell with BRSM?
We also have another option for those that want the minimal amount of work. If BRSM enters and tags your items, seller will earn 40%. You still must register yourself as a consigner for the sale. This option is open to a limited number of consignors and is on a first come, first served basis. Send us an email for approval. It must be requested no later than 3 weeks before the sale.

I have am a manufacturer and/or have a boutique and would like to sign up to be an overstock consignor to sell my clothing, what do I do?
We would love to help you move your inventory! We work with several brand name manufacturers and boutiques that consign their NEW CLOTHING with us! You will earn 70% of what sells! A great return on your investment. Send us an email to info@brsmockmarket.com and let us know you are interested. 

I have a child and family related business and/or know someone with a child and family related business. Can we/they advertise with you?
Yes! We welcome child and family related businesses. Please see the Advertising Tab on our site for more information.

What seasons do you accept at the Spring sale? Fall sale?
We accept all seasons of clothing at both sales. We like to buy for all year around. So, we figure you would too if the price is right!

Do you accept toys?

No, we do not accept toys. 

Do you accept baby equipment?

Yes, if it is less than 3 years old and in like new condition. We also will accept some furniture like changing tables. Please contact us to make sure. We do not accept car seats or cribs due to liability and recall issues. 

Do you have a store?
No, we are a seasonal consignment sale. We have sales twice a year~ One in the Spring and one in the Fall at a designated location. Check the Next Sale Tab for upcoming sale details.

For answers to any other questions not listed above, please contact us at info@brsmockmarket.com. We would be happy to help you!

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